**We have been involved with Access Dance for 2 years and our daughter’s physical skills have blossomed. Not only has this been wonderful for her physically, but it has also allowed her to become independent and follow instructions and directions better. Seeing her and her friends perform on stage is so emotional and brings tears to my eyes every time. I remember thinking she would never walk and to see her dance and to do it so well is overwhelming to say the least… Parent- India H.

**Access Dance has been wonderful for my daughter. She was very shy and had trouble socializing, but now she looks forward to coming to dance class each week. She has done so well with picking up on the dances and it has helped her with her memory as well. In turn, she is doing better in school and is better able to socialize with her school peers. The volunteers and instructors are so patient and kind and she loves them all… Parent- Jill G.

*Access Dance was the first program that my son was introduced to that gave him the opportunity to express himself. We never had him in an extra curricular activity because of his difficultly in following directions and we did not know how he would respond to a group setting. The Access Dance volunteers amaze me on a regular basis; they are so patient, loving and dedicated. I am so thankful that my son has had the opportunity to shine in his own way… Parent- Kerrie B.

*Access Dance has been an incredible experience for our daughter. The volunteers love these kids and bring out their strengths. Their continued patience and perseverance when working with the children is amazing to see. Going to dance class each week is the highlight for my daughter’s week. The bonds she has made with the other children are lifetime bonds, as are the bonds the parents have been able to make….Parent- Robin W.

*Dance class is one of the many events taken from you as a special needs child. As a public educator it didn’t even occur to me that dance studios would not be open to all children…Then we heard about Access Dance. My son lives for Dance Class and asks me all week if it is “time for dance” Access Dance has helped my son and me find our peer group… Parent- Karen H.

*My daughter has a very rare brain condition. Due to her condition her gross motor skills are very affected. Access Dance has been wonderful for her to work on her mobility and to make her muscles stronger. She has a 1 on 1 volunteer or teacher with her in class and they help her with stretching exercises and coordination, besides dancing. The instructors and volunteers are so caring and patient with these kids… Parent- Pilar W.

*My daughter feels so comfortable at ADI, no expectations are put on her and she is free to be herself.  I would recommend ADI to anyone with a child with special needs and to anyone who would love to volunteer with some great people! - Melissa (parent)

*Kaylee enjoys the opportunity to socialize and dance at ADI.  She feels just like her big sisters!  I would recommend ADI to others, it has been a great opportunity for Kaylee in a safe environment. - Cathy S. (parent)

*Sofia loves being around other children and being around children that face similar obstacles is a God send since she is not left behind in the activities.  I would definitely recommend the program!  Any child who has physical disabilities would benefit from ADI. - Jeff W. (parent)

*Janae looks so forward to coming to dance, she always asks if Shirlee will be there and then starts naming off the kids names.  She loves dance and this has really helped her confidence, she has really improved in one year.  I would and have recommended this program and have more children in mind. - Stephanie G. (parent)

*Lola feels like she has her "own" activities similar to her siblings.  She is proud to share dance with her brother and sister.  It's so good for any child to be able to perform on stage and gives Lola confidence to be in front of people.  She absolutely loves it!  I would recommend ADI to any child with special needs that loves music.  I would and have recommended to volunteers as well. - Tonja K. (parent)

*Dancing has helped Katelyn physically become more coordinated and strong.  It helps her socially by interacting with other children and volunteers.  She is very shy and it helps to bring her out of her shell.  I would recommend the program to anyone with a special needs child. - Dona C. (parent)

*This program has given Mya confidence to dance not only in class but anytime she hears music.  The environment is more welcoming that any other dance class we have participated in. I would definitely recommend the program. - Sarah D. (parent)

* ADI has helped Lexi in following directions, coordination, social skills, dance moves and following a routine.  I have recommended this program to others that have children with down syndrome and other special needs. - Jill B. (parent)

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